Testing the Solution

Testing Strategies

Having looked at the troubleshooting process, and the planning and implementation of a solution, we will now look at some strategies for testing to see if your solution has been successful.

In your plan you should have included a testing solution.  This may involve using a flowchart or checklist (sometimes known as a test schedule) to ensure components, software or code are now working.

Flow charts involve you following a series of steps and answering questions which take you along a, hopefully, productive path. Such flow charts and similar schemes can be found in books, manuals, websites, etc. They are generally designed for novice technicians and are arguably of limited use to experienced technicians, or in dealing with complex faults. One problem with these charts is that it is difficult to cover every eventuality.

Checklist or Test Schedule

Your Checklist or Test Schedule should contain a list of items that should be tested, sample data and expected results to allow quick confirmation that the solution you have implemented has worked correctly.

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